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You have now found some of the highest specification synthetic lubricants and lubricant related products currently available in the UK.

Unlike other lubricant suppliers, OEM Lubricants Ltd have specialised in supplying industrial lubricants for sensitive, extreme and critical applications. They also supply other lubricant related products for improving maintenance practices.

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Many of these lubricants are approved and recommended by OEMs, Original Equipment Manufacturers. Both the mineral and synthetic lubricants are used by lubrication engineers to improve performance and reduce overall cost by using the correct reliability engineering practices.

Approved Suppliers:
2008 Specialist Lubricants Supplier of the year
Online Supply Chain Management
Antifoam Lubricants and Antifoam
Grease Application Systems

OEM Lubricants wishes to confirm for the avoidance of doubt that its business is in no way related to Lubricants or its products or services and that any historic association has long since been severed - see the copyright and disclaimer page for more information

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Lubricants and lubricant related products which OEM Lubricants Ltd supply:
Bulk Oil and Gas Contracts Bulk Oil and Gas Contracts
Bulk Oil and Gas is available through this website and enquiries are treated in strict confidence.
Synthetic Lubricants Synthetic Lubricants
See which high specification synthetic industrial lubricants OEM Lubricants Ltd are already supplying to your industry.
Food Grade Lubricants Food Grade Lubricants
Visit our sister web site www.food-lubricants.co.uk that is dedicated to NSF approved food grade lubricants.
Home heating oil Home Heating Oil
Heating oil for your Aga, Rayburn or other domestic heating boiler that can be provided by an approved home heating oil supplier based in Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire.
Lubricant Storage Containers Lubricant Storage Containers
Find out how organisations using Oil Safe® products can significantly improve their lubricant handling practices.
Grease Guns Grease Guns
Mato grease gun systems including the Mato electric grease gun are available from OEM Lubricants Ltd in the UK and Ireland.
Oil Filtration Oil Filters
Find out more about the Magnom oil filters and oil filtration systems which use magnetism to remove particles.
Medical White Oils Medical White Oils
Medical white oils are highly refined oils that have pharmacopoeia approval and are available from OEM Lubricants Ltd and their associate suppliers in the UK.


For fuels, lubricants and heating oil in California and the Pacific Northwest USA please visit www.scoil.com
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    About our lubricants :
  • You have a choice of lubricants from some of the world's leading lubricant manufacturers.
  • Many of the lubricants are totally synthetic so they perform correctly in demanding operational environments.
  • OEM Lubricants Ltd give you grease, oil, paste and spray lubricants from various suppliers.

The grease lubricants supplied by OEM Lubricants Ltd are used by many of the world's well known ball bearing companies and are rated as some of the highest speed greases in the world. Our high speed lubricants are used by many machine tool companies and ball bearing manufacturers because of the reasons shown on our high speed grease page ... click here to see.

Quick Links to Industry Specific Lubricants :
Aerospace Foil and Film Power generation
Agriculture and Forestry Food stuffs Power tools
Automotive Gas Railway
Bearings Glass Ships and Harbours
Brick and Tiles Home Appliances Steel and Aluminium
Brewing Industry Machine Tools Textiles
Canning Medical Tyre Manufacture
Car Components & F1 Mining and Quarrying Vacuum Pumps
Chipboard Nuclear Engineering Water
Corrugating Paper Wind Energy Farms
Electronics Plastics Workshops

Just some of our lubricant types :
Synthetic Lubricants : Synthetic Lubricants - click here
High Speed Grease : High Speed Grease - click here
High Temperature Grease or Oil : High Temperature Grease or Oil - click here
Oxygen Compatible Grease : Oxygen Compatible Grease - click here
Chain Oil : Chain Oil - click here
Water Compatible Grease : Water Compatible Grease - click here
Vacuum Grease or Oil : Vacuum Grease or Oil - click here
Nuclear Grease or Oil : Nuclear Grease or Oil - click here
Compressor Lubricants or Oil : Compressor Lubricants or Oil - click here

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