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Lubricants for bearings

Lubricants used on bearings are usually grease or oil and probably one of the biggest areas of application that we deal with. Here are some of the basics:

The load is transmitted by rolling elements, which are usually spherical balls, or cylindrical rollers.

Failure on bearings may be due to the solid elements (fatigue), or mating parts not retaining their contact geometry (thermal distortion) or the breakdown of the lubricant properties.

Correct selection of the lubricant for bearings is essential for unit life and performance.

Design Considerations

The factors affecting the design and usage of grease or oil lubricant in bearings is due to a variety of applications.

Fundamental, are the criteria of Contact Load, Speed, and Temperature. See operating conditions

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.ukSpecific applications may introduce other factors relating to Safety, Health, and Environment etc.

The choice of bearing lubricant must satisfy all factors in a particular application.

Bearing life calculations from Manufacturers assume adequate lubricant film formation.

Selection of the correct lubricant is based on laws of Elastohydrodynamic (EHD) theory, Conditions of Contact (Hertzian analysis of the contact geometry) and practical experience.

Lubrication in bearings

Grease, oil and solid lubricants are available.

Today, about 90% of rolling bearings are grease lubricated.

Grease has the advantages of being cheaper in the initial fill, maintenance, and easier to retain, giving less contamination to the surrounding area.

Only a small amount of the grease is active, the remainder acting as a reservoir.

Oils may be used with higher speeds and temperatures.

With oils, the viscosity is generally the most important consideration.

Mineral oils are commonly used, but synthetic lubricants may be required for extremes of high and low temperatures.

Please have a look at our industries page index to see all the various industries that we supply.

We have many lubricants that will provide excellent bearing performance for you and to discover more you can call us on +44 (0)1943 601 431 or use the tell us what you want form or just e-mail us.

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