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Lubricants for Chains

We have sprays, oils and greases for chains and all these lubricant types are used in slightly different ways depending on the operating conditions. The basics of chains are as follows:

Chains are a series of individual links able to kinematically couple two or more elements of a system.

Chains can be used as a direct drive or employed to transmit motion in conveyor and transport mechanisms.

Friction and wear develop in the chain links, usually where the chain link engages and disengages with the drive.

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Lubrication of chains

Continuous chain lubrication is preferred to periodic lubrication, and can be an oil bath for a closed system, or a spray for an open system. Greases may also be used on open systems.

Requirements for chain lubrication include maintaining a sufficient lubricating film to minimise friction, wear and noise.

Further requirements, depending on application, will include

  • Adhesiveness, to extend the lubrication interval
  • Mobility, to penetrate the contact areas
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Stability under high temperature operation
  • Good performance at low temperatures
  • Good Environmental performance (e.g. Food Regulations)

For further information please have a look at our operating conditions or our industry pages index which will give you practical examples of where our lubricants are used on chains.

Try the page on canning which you will find on the industry index page. Or you can call on +44 (0)1943 601 431, use the tell us what you want form or just e-mail us.

We know we can give you the correct lubricant for your chain requirements.

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