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Lubricants for Gears

We have oils and greases for gears and both of these lubricant types are used in slightly different ways depending on the operating conditions. Here are some of the basics:

Gears are used to transmit motion by successively engaging teeth mounted on their circumference.

Spur gears are used on parallel shafts, and bevel, helical or worm gears are used to change the direction of drive.

If the correct lubricant is used on gears, they will provide slip-free power transmission at high mechanical efficiency, with good reliability, low maintenance, and long life.

Component Failure

Mechanical failure occurs when bending stresses at the root of the tooth exceed the tensile or fatigue strength of the material. Shock loads also cause failure. Surface fatigue occurs when the lubricant film on the gear wheel teeth is insufficient to protect the surfaces from the stress, resulting in pitting forming in the contact region.

Scuffing can result if the lubricant film is not maintained, with the consequent increase in temperature causing distress and wear of the material surface.

Gear Lubricants

Mineral oils are satisfactory where conditions of tooth engagement are not particularly severe.

The choice of the oil viscosity depends on the torque to be transmitted and the speed of rotation.

For conditions of extreme pressure, on spur, bevel, helical and worm gears, EP (Extreme Pressure) additives are included in the formulation of the lubricants.

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.ukFor open gears, high viscosity lubricants are required, with high Viscosity Index and a low Pour Point.

Greases may also be used, and the majority for gear lubrication, are soap-thickened mineral oils. For extreme pressure applications EP additives can be utilised.

Synthetic gear oils are used for higher performance when the limits of mineral gear oils have been reached.

Polyglycols can be used as they offer several advantages over mineral oil blends.

  • High Viscosity Index without reduction of Shear Capability.
  • High levels of load-carrying capacity
  • Good low temperature characteristics
  • Increased oxidation resistance
  • Reduced friction losses

We know we can provide you with the correct lubricant and please have a look at our industries pages index to see all the various industries that we supply. Otherwise just fill in the tell us what you want form or e-mail us. We are also available on +44 (0)1943 601 431. We look forward to hearing from you.

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