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Lubricants for Seals

A seal is only as good as the grease or oil lubricant that maintains it and lubrication is as important for seals as it is for bearings.

The lubricant is essential to reduce the levels of heat and wear, both of which are the primary cause of seal failure.

It is often the case that the design depends on the generation of a fluid film of lubricant to create the seal.

There are two basic groups of seals, those for sealing during a rotary motion, and those for sealing during a reciprocating motion.

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.uk The lubricant should not react with the sealing material or the local environment.

Seals are used to separate two areas containing different substances and/or pressures, and to contain or prevent contamination by foreign particles, still allowing the component to move freely.

Important lubrication characteristics will include

  • The lubricant is essential to reduce the levels of heat and wear, both of whichAbility to transport heat from the seal contact
  • Provide a full fluid film to increase the sealing effect
  • Prevent adhesion of the seal to the conforming surface
  • Minimise risk of damage during assembly
  • Protect seal face from hostile environments
  • Compliance with environmental regulations (e.g. food)

Please have a look at our industries page index to see all the various industry types that we supply.

We have many lubricants that will provide excellent sealing characteristics for you and to discover more you can call us on +44 (0)1943 601 431 or use the tell us what you want form or just e-mail us.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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