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Approvals for Lubricants lubricants

ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
(Lubricant Consult GmbH)

IQ Net Quality and Environmental Management
(Lubricant Consult GmbH)

Certificate for Environmental Audit 13.7.00 DE-S-132-00012
(Lubricant Consult GmbH)

CEC-L-33-T-82 (OECD guideline for Testing Chemicals 301C. Biodegradability)
Lubricants Sintono Terra W-line

ZFB 831 (Liebherr Aerospace)
Lubricants Grease No187 Li AzR (alternative to Rocol Aerospec 100)

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.ukDVGW DIN 3536-0-100G (Natural, Town Gas, Propane, Butane)
Lubricants Grease No187 NAK 500MF

DVGW DIN 3536-20-120 (Petrol, Hydrocarbons)
Lubricants Grease No187 SEB 3

DVGW DIN EN 377 Temp Classification E (0-160°C) (Gas, Propane, Butane)
Lubricants Grease No187 GHM 200 plus

BAM (German Institute Material Testing) (Oxygen Fittings)
Lubricants Turmoxygen-line
Lubricants No889 11/400 OX
Lubricants No889 M802

LMBG FDA USDA H1 (Foodgrade)
Lubricants Grease No187 GA280
Lubricants No111K600
Lubricants No111GL320
Lubricants No111ALB
Lubricants No111GTI 6001
Lubricants No655
Lubricants No111M100 Spray
Lubricants No955LMI300
Lubricants No45AL line
Lubricants No45ALN line
Lubricants No45W line
Lubricants Turmosynth 2000 + 2000dl
Lubricants Turmosynth VG line
Lubricants Turmosynthoil GV line

DIN 51807 (Medical)
Lubricants Elastolub mv line

DIN 51807 (Textiles, Aqueou alkaline, acid cleaning media)
Lubricants Turmotex N2

KIWA KTW WRc (Water Fittings)
Lubricants No111GL320
Lubricants No111K6000

WGK1 (German Water Hazard Category)
Lubricants Dispersant TTR Solvent and Cleaning Fluid

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