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Assembly Paste

An Assembly Paste is an essential tool to assist during the manufacture and assembly of all kinds of machinery and equipment. A good Assembly Paste requires specific characteristics, and also must be quick and easy to apply, and so is often packaged in the form of a spray can.

The main requirements of an assembly paste must include the capability of an even spread of lubricant between surfaces, and be sufficiently fine to allow working of the surfaces to very narrow tolerances. This is especially important in the assembly of blue printed components.

Some assembly pastes are designed with specific requirements. They will normally include easy break- away movement characteristics, good corrosion protection against water and chemicals, good adhesive properties to the particular surface, and be able to diminish the effects of fretting as components begin to loosen up.

Lubricants manufacture a number of high specification assembly pastes, and examples are

Lubricants No657 TAS-AL which is a soft assembly paste that is very adhesive and has a temperature range from -40°C to 1100°C. Above 200°C the paste effectively becomes a dry lubricant. The paste is a combination of solid lubricants in a synthetic carrier oil which evaporates without leaving any residues at high temperatures. It is commonly used as a separating and lubricating agent in forging and hot moulding operations, as well as for screw connections, low speed bearings, cam discs, large ink plates, spindles and return rollers.

Lubricants No657 MA 2 which is a synthetic assembly paste for extreme conditions, and is resistant to cold and hot water, water vapour, aqueous alkaline and acid media, and has been extensively proved under sea and salt water conditions. Temperature range is -35°C to +170°C and it is commonly used in roller and friction bearings in textile washing and dyeing machines, electric motors and pumps in general, the paper industry and the food and fish packing processes.

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.ukTurmsilon MV which is a water and steam resistant whitish transparent silicone assembly paste, for sealing elements like glass taps, in the pharmaceutical and food processing industry. The temperature range is -40°C to +160°C. It's high dielectric strength prevents voltage arcing in insulators and switches. It remains soft at low temperatures and prevents freezing of door seals in aerial cable cars and rail transport vehicles. It also prevents wear in plastic parts of household appliances and audio equipment.

Turmolyb PSP Mounting lubricant, which is an assembly paste based on solid lubricants with synergistic effects and a low friction coefficient. The temperature range is -40°C to + 450°C. It is packaged as a spray and is used for the lubrication of slide bearings, threaded spindles, tracks, tensioning devices, toothed wheel works, gears, bolts and screws.

Assembly pastes are only part of the production program, and Lubricants have many other Greases, Oils and Sprays in their range, and will provide you with the correct assembly paste or lubricant for your own application or process.

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