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Chain Oil

The chain oil manufactured by Lubricants is already being used in many manufacturing environments.

Using the correct chain oil prevents breakdowns. Chain oils are needed to protect the metal elements of the chain in very hot temperatures and very high load situations. One of the first chain oils ever developed by the technical team at Lubricants is still used extensively on pin chains running through ovens where the temperature is constantly over 200°C.

We also supply the equipment for applying the chain oil to the chain through a metered application device and custom designed applicator heads.

Chain oils should always have certain properties such as good creeping ability so that the oil can penetrate deep into the chain links and protect the contact surfaces. Some of our chain oils have a 'carrier' that evaporates after application and some are just pure chain oil. Here are some basic details on just two of our chain oils.

Turmofluid 40 B This product can operate from -30°C to +250°C. It penetrates the links and sleeves very easily and has very good adhesion properties. It has a high resistance to water, oxidation and corrosion and can be used on sliding guides, wire ropes and gear wheels.

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.ukTurmofluid 300 OM This product is a very adhesive lubricant with a consistency like honey. It is excellent on chains and ropes used in outdoor conditions. It does not rinse off. It can be used as a spray on open gears and many other applications. It is quite sticky. Data sheets available for this and other Lubricants chain oil products.

So just call us on +44 (0)1943 601 431 and we can tell you about our customers and how they use our chain oil. They are our best reference.

We have many other chain oils and to discover more, you can either fill in the tell us what you want form or just send us an e-mail by clicking here.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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