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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.ukQ: Why are Lubricants lubricants able to help machinery run better.
A: Due to the special blending of the base materials with thickeners and additives, the resultant grease, oil, paste or spray will have a superior ability to maintain an effective film lubricant between the operational contact surfaces.

Q: What industries are the speciality lubricants used in most frequently.
A: There are many industries where critical or extreme applications exist and some of these can be seen on our industries page. They are usually where extremes of temperature, load or speed are found and often there are combinations of all these three factors.

Q: Do Lubricants have food grade lubricants.
A: Yes, There are food grade lubricants that are used as chain lubricant, bearing lubricant and lubricant for slideways. They are USDA H1 approved and therefore safe for use in food contact areas. They are capable of withstanding oven temperatures and all other conditions associated with food production.

Q: Are there any oxygen compatible lubricants.
A: Yes, Our Turmoxygen range is used by a number of companies to guarantee the operational safety and cleanliness of the gas or oxygen in its eventual operational environment. We have other lubricants for other types of exotic or special gasses.

Q: What is the environmental policy of Lubricants.
A: All Lubricants lubricants are 100% environmentally friendly and there are also biodegradable lubricants which are used in sensitive areas such as on the sea bed where Remotely Operated Vehicles have hydraulic capability and spillage or leaks can not be tolerated.

Q: Who are some of your most famous customers.
A: We have supplied to various International airlines using the Airbus - we have approved lubricant for wing flap operation. Others include 4 of the Formula 1 teams and the fuel pump on a manned space flight. There are also a lot of household names we could mention but we can tell you about them when you telephone us.

Q: Do you supply to water industries.
A: Yes, we have WRc approval on certain products which means that we can supply to water treatment and other water related industries where The Water Research Council approval is required.

Q: Do Lubricants products contain any hazardous materials.
A: No

Q: Do Lubricants make any insulation oils or greases.
A: Yes, we supply into electrical environments.

Q: What is the most expensive lubricant that Lubricants make.
A: That will probably be one of our lubricants for the nuclear industry.

Q: Are there any water soluble lubricants.
A: Yes, these get used a lot by our textile customers. They are 100% environmentally friendly and wash out perfectly every time. They are worth using because of their highly superior lubricating properties that will make your sinkers and needles last a lot longer. Don't get tricked into using cheap oils….They just aren't as good as ours.

Q: Do you supply vacuum oils.
A: Yes, Lubricants have totally inert oils and greases for vacuum applications. We specialise in ultra high vacuum pump oils. Our Ultratherm range is also used in nuclear applications where similar critical conditions apply.

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