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Some of the special greases that you are looking for are shown under the broad headings that are listed below.

Lithium Grease : Lithium Grease - click here
High Speed Grease : High speed grease - click here
High Temperature Grease : High temperature grease - click here
Mato Grease Guns : Mato grease dispensing guns - click here

To discover more, you can scroll down through these or 'jump' to them from the links shown below.

Some of our lubricants are totally synthetic or partly synthetic so they give you machine reliability and consistent performance. So now have a look at just some of our lubricants and then
tell us what you want. We look forward to hearing from you.

> High Loads
Universal Application
Oscillating Movements
Humid Environment
Dusty Environment
Subject to Vibrations

> Low Operating Temperatures

> High Operating Temperatures
Low Speed
High Speed
Environmentally Compatible

> Fluid Gear Greases
Universal Application
Lifetime Application

> High Speeds

> Critical Environment
For Gas Valves
For Water Valves and Taps
Oxygen Installations
High Temperature

> Plastic/Steel Components

> Foodgrade USDA H1
Resistant to Hot and Cold Water
Resistant to Steam and Disinfectant

> Biodegradable Lubricants



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