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Heating Oil

Home Heating Oil for your Ago, Rayburn or domestic heating boiler.

You have now found heating oil for your Aga, Rayburn or other domestic heating boiler that can be provided by an approved home heating oil supplier based in Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire.

Northern Energy is a family company that have been supplying domestic heating oil to homes in these areas for many years.

You can call them now on 01423 770666 during office hours or just 'tell us what you want' now.

Special offer for November ONLY
Purchase 1000 litres of heating oil before the 30th November 2006 and we will give you a £10 Marks & Spencer voucher.

And there is a 5% VAT reduction for pensioners on all deliveries all year!

Unlike some other home heating oil suppliers Northern Energy can also supply:

    The FREE Northern Energy Homecare Plan consisting of:
  • Emergency Breakdown Service (parts and labour up to 300 for each emergency. 2 call-outs in 12 months.)
  • Free Home Energy Saving Tips
  • 'Spread the cost' plans
  • Automatic refilling service
If you are looking for home heating oil and this level of service, give Northern Energy a quick call now on 01423 770666 or just 'tell us what you want' now. The Northern Energy heating oil is a 28 second Kerosene Burning oil (BS 2869 Class 2 )and is suitable for Agas, Rayburns and other domestic heating oil burners.

There is also a 35 second Gas Oil (BS2869 Class A2+D) that is only used in really old heating oil systems that are few and far between.

An OEM Lubricants Gold Accredited companyFor help, a quote or to organise your next delivery of heating oil, just call 01423 770666 during office hours or just fill in the simple 'tell us what you want' form.

Northern Energy has received Gold Accreditation from OEM Lubricants Ltd as an approved home heating oil supplier.

This page does not form part of the Lubricants portfolio of products.

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