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Lubricants for Bricks and Tiles

Bricks and tiles are fired for long periods in very hot ovens and the lubricants for the transport system are designed to withstand severe conditions.

Kiln carts used in making bricks and tiles have wheel bearings that are subjected to extreme loads and to very high temperatures. The lubricants for kiln carts must therefore have optimum oxidation and thermal stability to function efficiently over long periods.

If bearings used in your kilns and kiln carts demand lubricants with high temperature resistance while subjected to heavy loads, we know you can benefit from using the following which is just one of a number of similar products for high temperature environments.

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.uk Lubricants No889 11/400 which is a fully synthetic grease, with a service temperature range of -30°C to +260°C, is non-toxic, non-combustible, and compatible with all materials. Excellent on kiln cart bearings.

We have many other products, and if you have similar conditions to contend with, we know we can provide you with the correct lubricant for your particular kiln oven application from the large range of Lubricants lubricants.

To discover more, you can either fill in the tell us what you want form or just send us an e-mail by clicking here.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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