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Synthetic Lubricants for Nuclear Engineering

When using lubricants in the Nuclear Engineering industry it should be remembered that the industry operates with a remit that it must use 'best possible practice' in all aspects of its operation.

Therefore a lubricant manufacturer who supplies to the Nuclear Engineering industry must be at the forefront of research and development. This qualifies them to offer innovative products that deliver state of the art performance through ground breaking chemistry and first class raw materials.

Bolz GmbH, manufacturers of Uranium Blending equipment, specify Lubricants lubricants to guarantee the operational reliability and safety of their equipment. Our nuclear synthetic lubricants can be grease or oil and are used in many other applications such as in the irradiation of food.

Lubricants Lubricants UK Ltd is a registered and approved supplier to British Nuclear Fuels plc BNFL.

For example in your nuclear engineering projects you will benefit from using some of the following synthetic lubricants that can be grease or oil.

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.uk Lubricants No889 Oil 400 line which are synthetic oils, suitable for vacuum and oxygen installations, hydraulic equipment and heat transfer in the high temperature range. They have extreme thermal stability, low vapour pressure, and are non-combustible and chemically stable. Service temperature range is -40°C to +250°C.

Lubricants No435 which is a fully synthetic grease suitable for rolling and sliding bearings in nuclear engineering. It has a service temperature range of -60°C to +260°C and is resistant to vacuum and radiation up to 108rad, and is non-toxic.

We have many other products and we know we can provide the correct synthetic lubricant for your nuclear engineering projects from the large Lubricants range.

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