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Lubricants for Textile Machinery

Lubricants used on Textile machinery must be specified correctly because the applications are very critical. Claims for faulty yarn or cloth can be very expensive.

Using the correct lubricant on bottom steel rollers in Spinning eliminates 'stick and slip' with the benefit of reducing thick and thin places in yarn. Weavers can increase their p.p.m. and Knitters will spend less time replacing sinkers and needles. Pin chains working at high temperatures in textile stenters and dryers must be free of vibration and must not stretch.

Your textile machinery operates in many different working environments and the correct specification of lubricant prevents breakdowns and allows machinery to produce higher quality products, allowing you more time for other projects.

Lubricants lubricants are environmentally friendly. They are specified and approved by many textile machinery manufacturers.

We have OEM approved lubricants for all sectors of the textile industry.

   Mayer & CieRieter
   BrucknerGroz Beckert
   DornierPai Lung

For example, we know your textile machinery can benefit from using some of the following grease and oil lubricants.

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.uk Lubricants No95540 B on conveyor chains in textile stenters, ovens and dryers. We supply this to a lot of our UK customers already.

Lubricants No813LP range on sinkers and needles on flat and circular knitting machines for good 'wash out' properties and temperature reduction.

Lubricants Grease No187 Hi Speed L252 for all high speed textile spindles. Just about every Volkmann spindle in the UK is running with this grease now.

We have many other products and we know we can provide the correct lubricant for your textile machinery from the large range of Lubricants greases, oils and sprays.

To discover more, you can either fill in the tell us what you want form or just send us an e-mail by clicking here.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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