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Oil Filters and Oil Filtration

Oil Filters

Conventional paper oil filters are all subject to the same eventual problem of blocking and the consequential drop in oil pressure. The results and failures are well known to all engineers. These new oil filters made by Magnom use a magnetic principle to attract the ferrous particles that oil filters normally collect. Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.uk

The Magnom oil filter does not get blocked and continues to filter the oil down to approximately 1 micron. This is better than most conventional paper oil filters that can strip out EP or AW packages at this level. They are available in many different sizes dependant on the application. The smallest oil filter is a bit bigger than a thimble and the largest is approx 6 inch (150mm) diameter by about 30 inch (750mm) long. But we will have the correct oil filter for you…whatever your application.

Oil Filtration

Oil filtration systems can benefit from this new system that uses magnetism to attract particles that need to be removed. Unlike other oil filtration systems, this system can be used many times without having to constantly replace filter cartridges.

There are many different designs and models of the Magnom oil filtration system so they can be used in different types of manufacturing process such as metal working or power stations where ferrous particulate is present. Washing fluids can also benefit from this filtration system as there are plenty of ferrous particles that need to be removed. The cost savings are enormous not only in spare parts but also in better running conditions.

To reduce your oil analysis costs, machinery downtime and save money on oil filters, just ring us or contact us now.

Plenty of existing customers are already reaping the benefits of this new system. One Formula 1 driver is absolutely loving it!

The Magnom oil filter is available from Lubricants Lubricants UK Ltdby telephoning 01943 601 431 or just tell us what you want or send an e-mail.

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Wilmot Hall,
Golden Butts Road,
West Yorkshire
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Tel: 01943 601 431

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