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lubricants.co.uk - Plastics newsletter May 2002

Lubricants Spray Lubricant ED 13.

Andrew Prangnell of Gneuss, Germany said,
"We have carried out numerous tests with different spray oils on our melt filtration systems and found that the spray oil Lubricants ED13 provided the best results."

Gneuss GmbH use the highest quality screens in their melt filtration systems, and require the highest quality screen lubricant to keep them effective to ensure as long an interval as possible between lubrication.

Gneuss have proved and now recommend Lubricants No955ED 13 as the most effective lubricant for this demanding filtration process. It is silicone free and it leaves no contaminating depositů just a fine smooth film as the lubricant. It also acts as a barrier and serves to loosen any bonding between the polymer and the steel. This makes cleaning of the mesh much easier. The lubricant must also act to prevent or delay the formation of any deposits so when the time comes to change the screen and clean it, this must be as easy as possible.

Turmofluid ED 13 is a synthetic lubricant, which also has a multiplicity of other uses where good adhesion and spreading effect are of advantage. The water displacement behaviour, high affinity to metals and excellent creeping ability ensure optimum lubrication for long periods and excellent corrosion protection. It is a clear and transparent fluid and is normally used in spray form. The excellent creeping properties help to reach inaccessible points that require lubrication.

In the plastic extrusion and injection moulding process, filter screens are a vital part of your material preparation to ensure that the melt purity is as high as possible in the manufacture of components and film sheet. The filters must be fine and kept in good condition to be effective, and they are difficult to keep clean for long periods. Also, the hotter the process, the worse the problem of cleaning becomes. Use Lubricants spray ED13 - it's brilliant.

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Lex Hagenbeek of Lubricants France takes to the skies.
Thankfully he survived.

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