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Food Grade Lubricants for Plastic Packaging

Plastic Packaging that contains Food or Beverages must now be produced on machines and equipment that use the new NSF Food Grade approval which replaces the old USDA-H1 standard. This also applies to Mould Cleaning fluids, Mould Release agents and Mould Protection products.

Lubricants have developed a range of products that are NSF (USDA-H1) approved to cover all areas on Plastic Injection Moulding and Extrusion equipment, and these can be summarised as follows :-

For Slides, Bearings, Ejector Pins etc.
Grease for temperatures to 120°C Lubricants No45AL,ALN and W
Grease for temperatures to 220°C Lubricants No655
Grease for temperatures to 260°C Lubricants No889 11/400 CL2
For Mould Release Lubricants No955LMI 300
Lubricants No111M100 spray (with silicone)
Lubricants Turmosynthoil 75TF spray (with PTFE)
For Mould Cleaning Lubricants Turmosynth VG2 Fluid
For Mould Protection & Storage Lubricants No955LMI 300 Spray

We have many other Food Grade lubricants for the Food and Beverage industries. If we can help you, then just e-mail us now or fill in the 'Tell us what you want' form by clicking Here

Or, you can call us on 01943 601 431. We look forward to hearing from you.


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