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High Temperature Lubricants for Plastics Machinery

In some types of Plastic Moulding and Extrusion there are points on the equipment that operate at high temperatures and require lubricants that are able to withstand these temperatures for long periods.

Some Slides, Ejector Pins and Extrusion points can run up to 250°C and higher and selection of the correct lubricant is critical.
Lubricants have developed a particular grease, Turmotemp 11/400 RS2, which shows optimum oxidation and thermal stability up to 280°C. It also has excellent dielectric properties and is compatible with all materials.

There can also be difficulties with separation of the product from the mould when temperatures up to 200°C occur, and for this Lubricants have developed an effective separating agent, Lubricants Turmosol K52. This is a fully synthetic oil which is neutral in taste and odour and extremely resistant to high pressure.
Unlike many other synthetic and mineral oils it has a long lifetime and has less tendency to carbonisation or the build up of other residues that inhibit lubrication and separation. For more general information on High Temperature greases, oils, sprays and pastes, click Here.

We have many other lubricants for the plastics industry. If we can help you, then just e-mail us now or fill in the 'Tell us what you want' form by clicking Here

Or, you can call us on 01943 601 431. We look forward to hearing from you.


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