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Operating Conditions

The benefits to you of using the correct lubricants are longer periods between maintenance and the elimination of breakdowns and unscheduled stops. And maybe to run faster!

Q: Do you think it is time you reviewed the lubricants you are using.

When choosing a lubricant, the main considerations are Load, Temperature, and Speed.

However, there are also many other factors that influence the decision as to which lubricant to use.

Q: Is your equipment operating in a critical environment.

We supply many lubricants specifically developed to cope effectively with a wide range of different working environments and combinations of operating conditions.

These are just some of them! :-
High Loads
High Temperatures
Low Temperatures
High Speeds
Low Speeds
High Pressures
Vacuum conditions
Hygienic conditions
Lifetime Applications
Foodgrade (USDA H1)
Corrosive (Water, Acids)
Dusty, Sandy
Salt Water
Critical gas environments

Q: Are you sure you are using the correct lubricant for your particular operating conditions.

Publishing, Branding, Product Placement and Advertorial on www.lubricants.co.uk Everyday, new formulations are being developed by Lubricants to improve performance in the most demanding of environments.

If you have any doubts at all whether or not you are using the right lubricant for the job, then contact us and tell us about your type of equipment and operating conditions. Our industry pages are a good guide to the wide range of operating conditions that we can successfully look after.

We know we can provide you with the correct lubricant for your particular operating conditions.

To discover more, you can either fill in the tell us what you want form or just send us an e-mail by clicking here.

We look forward to speaking with you.

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