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  • About Us
    About OEM Lubricants Ltd, owners of www.lubricants.co.uk

  • About You
    You are probably an engineer, designer or machine manufacturer, and actively involved in the manufacturing industry.

  • Advertorials, Branding and Product Placement
    This website is where lubricants and other related industrial products and services get found by your future potential customers. Find out more about our competitive advertorial, branding and product placement packages.

  • Applications
    Your applications are unique to your company and you need to have the security of knowing that you are using proven and reliable lubricants.

    • Applications - Lubricant for Bearings
      Lubricants used on bearings are usually grease or oil and probably one of the biggest areas of application that we deal with.

    • Applications - Lubricant for Chains
      We have sprays, oils and greases for chains and all these lubricant types are used in slightly different ways depending on the operating conditions.

    • Applications - Lubricant for Gears
      We have oils and greases for gears and both of these lubricant types are used in slightly different ways depending on the operating conditions.

    • Applications - Hydraulic Oils
      Oils used in hydraulic systems have to satisfy all the following criteria and the local working environment.

    • Applications - Seal Lubricant
      A seal is only as good as the grease or oil lubricant that maintains it and lubrication is as important for seals as it is for bearings.

  • Approvals
    Approvals for Lubricants lubricants including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and DIN 51807

  • Contact Us
    Contact Lubricants Lubricants UK Ltd - UK distributor of Lubricants Lubricants

  • Copyright and Disclaimer Statement
    Lubricants.co.uk Copyright and Disclaimer Statement

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
    Lubricants.co.uk Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

  • Grease
    Some of the special greases that you are looking for are shown under the broad headings that are listed below.

    • High Speed Grease
      The high speed grease from Lubricants is rated as the highest speed grease in the world according to NSK, the world famous bearing manufacturer.

    • High Temperature Grease and Oil
      High temperature grease and oil is often a synthetic lubricant as the temperature range of conventional grease and oils is easily exceeded by the demands of modern machinery.

    • Lithium Grease
      The term Lithium Grease can be slightly misleading as the lithium content is actually the thickener used to thicken the oil content to make it a grease as opposed to an oil.

  • Home Page
    Welcome to lubricants.co.uk - The lubricants made by Lubricant Consult GmbH are approved an recommended by hundreds of machinery manufacturers and other OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturers

  • Industries
    Please look at all the different industries that we supply, and select the industry of most interest to you.

    • Lubricants for Aerospace and Flight Simulators
      Some of the essential features that lubricants for the aerospace industry require, are a wide temperature range, chemical stability, resistance to pressure, vacuum, radiation, wear and corrosion, and be inflammable.

    • Lubricants for Agriculture and Forestry
      Lubricants that are used in agriculture or forestry must be corrosion resistant to contend with all the extremes that climate, local weather, and ground conditions can produce.

    • Lubricants for the Automotive industry
      There are a huge variety of lubricants used in the manufacture of cars and trucks in the automotive industry.

    • Lubricants for Bearings
      Using the correct lubricants on bearings and spindles will guarantee optimum running performance.

    • Lubricants for the Brewing Industry
      Lubricants used on equipment in the brewing, bottling and delivery of beers and beverages must be recognised as physiologically safe, without smell, and tasteless.

    • Lubricants for Bricks and Tiles
      Bricks and tiles are fired for long periods in very hot ovens and the lubricants for the transport system are designed to withstand severe conditions.

    • Lubricants for the Canning Industry
      Using the correct lubricant on your canning line will mean not having to tolerate any more stretched or broken pin chains: so let's discover why many Can Manufacturers use Lubricants lubricants.

    • Lubricants for Car Components and F1
      There are many different lubricants that have been developed for car components in vans, trucks, and specialist vehicles like fire engines and all terrain vehicles.

    • Lubricants for the Chipboard and Particleboard Industry
      Lubricants for machinery making particleboard or chipboard must be technically correct as the thought of changing thousands of conveyor pins due to faulty lubrication is a nightmare and cannot be allowed to occur.

    • Lubricants for Corrugating machinery
      Using the correct lubricant on your corrugating machinery is essential to achieving the performance levels now demanded in a modern manufacturing environment.

    • Lubricants for the Electronics Industry
      Lubricants are used in the electronics industry for the manufacture of printed circuit boards of all types and precision bearings for hard disc drives.

    • Lubricants for the Foil and Film Industry
      Lubricants are critical to the overall efficiency of the foil and film stretching process especially the chains that are subjected to high temperatures.

    • Lubricants for the Food Industry
      Lubricants used on machinery producing food must be completely safe physiologically and recognised as such by the manufacturer, retailer and consumer.

    • Lubricants for Gas Valves and Oxygen Fittings
      The lubricants used in gas valves and oxygen fittings must be totally safe, have a long service life, and be environmentally friendly.

    • Lubricants for Glass Manufacture
      Lubricants for glass manufacturing plants must have a long life as plate glass and hollow glass manufacturing is a continuous process and the lubricants have to be very effective in these extreme conditions.

    • Lubricants for Home Appliances
      All the lubricants used in your home appliances, like washing machines, cooking ovens, clothes dryers, fans, fan heaters, food mixers, air conditioning units, hoovers and hair-dryers must be capable of safe and efficient operation during the whole useful life of the product.

    • Lubricants for Machine Tools
      You have to use the best lubricants on modern machine tools due to the increasing demands on bearing performance in terms of higher rotational speeds and accuracy.

    • Lubricants for Medical and Dental Equipment
      Lubricants for medical and dental equipment in hospitals and surgeries have obvious health and safety requirements.

    • Lubricants for Mining and Quarrying
      Mining and Quarrying operations use lubricants on their heavy equipment that are robust and effective in the harshest of operating environments, both on the surface and underground.

    • Lubricants for Nuclear Engineering
      When using lubricants in the Nuclear Engineering industry it should be remembered that the industry operates with a remit that it must use best possible practice in all aspects of its operation.

    • Lubricants for Paper Manufacturing
      Lubricants manufacture a full range of lubricants for the paper manufacturing industry.

    • Lubricants for the Plastics Industry
      Lubricants used in the plastics industry will probably be used in high temperature applications such as in plastic moulding machinery.

    • Lubricants for Electrical Power Generation
      Electrical Power Generation requires lubricants that will withstand high temperatures and be resistant to hot water, cold water and steam.

    • Lubricants for Power Tools
      Lubricants for power tools require the ability to cope with sudden stress, wide variations in working temperatures and lack of maintenance.

    • Lubricants for Railways
      Lubricants used in railway engineering must provide excellent water and wear resistance, protection against corrosion, and be easily biodegradable.

    • Lubricants for Ships and Harbours
      The marine environment for harbours and ships at sea require lubricants that have to withstand severe weather and salt water spray, so anti-corrosion properties are paramount.

    • Lubricants for manufacture of Steel and Aluminium
      Steel and Aluminium foundries use lubricants that are designed to withstand high temperatures, severe vibrations and extreme shocks, as well as consistently high loads.

    • Lubricants for Textile Machinery
      Lubricants used on Textile machinery must be specified correctly because the applications are very critical. Claims for faulty yarn or cloth can be very expensive.

    • Lubricants for Tyre Manufacture
      Lubricants are used during tyre manufacture in the hot moulding operation which is a critical process.

    • Lubricants for Vacuum Pumps
      Lubricants used in vacuum pumps need to be extremely reliable as vacuum pumps usually operate as a vital part within another process.

    • Lubricants for Taps, Water Valves and Fittings
      The type of lubricant used on taps, water valves and fittings needs to be carefully selected and approved.

    • Lubricants for wind energy farms
      Lubricants for wind energy farms must be environmentally friendly and be able to withstand all weather conditions.

    • Spray Lubricants for Workshops
      Workshops and repair facilities need a range of spray lubricants in 'easy to use' form to help complete quickly all those difficult jobs that have to be done during the repair and maintenance of machines.

  • Links
    Links to lubricant related web sites

  • Link to us
    Linking to www.lubricants.co.uk - details on linking to us

  • Lubricants Environmental Certificate
    Lubricants Lubricants environmental certificate

  • Lubricants ISO 9001 Certificate
    Lubricants Lubricants ISO 9001 Certificate

  • Lubricant Products
    A listing of the lubricant related products which Lubricants Lubricants UK Ltd supply.

    • Heating Oil for the home
      Heating oil for your Aga, Rayburn or other domestic heating boiler that can be provided by an approved home heating oil supplier based in Yorkshire, Humberside and North Lincolnshire.

    • Oil Safe® lubricant storage solutions
      Find out how organisations using Oil Safe® products can significantly improve their lubricant handling practices.

    • Mato grease guns
      Mato grease guns including the Mato electric grease gun are available from Lubricants Lubricants UK Ltd in the UK and Ireland.

    • Magnom oil filtration system
      Find out more about the Magnom oil filters and oil filtration systems which use magnetism to remove particles.

    • Medical White Oils
      Medical white oils are highly refined oils that have pharmacopoeia approval and are available from Lubricants Lubricants UK Ltd.

  • Map - where to find us
    Where to find Lubricants Lubricants UK Ltd

  • Free Lubricants Newsletter
    Receive the lubricants newsletter free by e-mail.

  • OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturers
    You have invested considerable time and money in the development and construction of your machinery and all the working parts within it.

  • Oil
    The special oils that you are looking for are shown under the broad headings that are listed below.

    • Chain Oil
      The chain oil manufactured by Lubricants is already being used in many manufacturing environments.

  • Operating Conditions
    The benefits to you of using the correct lubricants are longer periods between maintenance and the elimination of breakdowns and unscheduled stops. And maybe to run faster!

  • Paste
    Some of the special pastes that you are looking for are shown below.

    • Assembly paste
      An Assembly Paste is an essential tool to assist during the manufacture and assembly of all kinds of machinery and equipment.

  • Spray
    The special sprays that you are looking for are shown below.

    • High temperature spray
      A high temperature spray lubricant is essential to deal with extreme temperatures and in situations where it is easier to apply it in the form of a spray.

    • PTFE spray and Graphite spray
      PolyTetraFluoroEthylene or PTFE spray contains a tough translucent polymer which has high resistance to chemical action and has a low co-efficient of friction. Graphite is a grey crystalline allotropic form of carbon and when presented as a graphite spray is an extremely efficient lubricant.

  • Synthetic Lubricants
    Synthetic lubricants are a combination of synthetic base oil plus thickeners and additives that will give the grease or oil lubricant a number of performance advantages over conventional mineral based lubricants.

  • Tell us what you want
    Please give as many details as you can and hit the submit it button at the bottom of the page. Our technical team will immediately start working on it.

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